Is this the news you've been waiting for? We're beginning to see some recovery, so says Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes.

News has came through in the last day or so that those  who've been suffering from the penalties sanction by the Penguin algorithm are starting to show signs of recovery.  This is in part thanks to the latest Penguin update from Google, Penguin 4.0. Gary IIIyes confirmed this news on Twitter yesterday.

You're not totally out of the woods though as you won't be where you were before the Penguin penalty shot you in the foot. This update doesn't look kindly on link spam so once  upon a time when those links gave you an excellent ranking, it won't count them now. A plus point though, you won't be penalised for having these spammy links, they just won't count towards ranking as their devalued. 

Watch this space and see how it unfolds...