We all know content marketing is important. We see it in all the blogs, all the videos and all the infographics. You write a blog called “Why is Content Marketing Important in 2015?” and you have just stuck a best before date on your post.

You write a “Why is evergreen Content Important?” and you might just have made yourself a lovely blog post that will get you traffic for the foreseeable.

So if you're new to the content marketing game what is “Evergreen” content?

Here are some examples of Evergreen Content titles:

10 Ways to get Crazy Mad Rich Quick

Why is Glasgow The Best City in the World?

What is a Duck Billed Platypus?

Nice well rounded pieces of content there with no clear and definitive end.

SOo what is not Evergreen content I hear you ask. Well press releases, yearly statistics and event blogs would all fall into that category I’m afraid. That's not to say that this type of content isn't relevant of course it is but you need to have a blend of both to really make some headway.

Keep it Visual

Tweets with images will receive 18% mot clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets. With that in mind get adding images into your posts.

Make it Funny

Make it Funny

Humour is key to creating great content in general but the rule applies doubly so to evergreen content. If you pick your niche well and create something light hearted then prepare to see people tagging their friends. Tagging will breed tagging and you can slowly tick over week to week on a piece of evergreen content. Here are a couple of personal examples.

We made this video back in March and it has only grew since then. It helped push our pages like to natural 2065 in less than 3 months and it has steadily received views, tags, likes and share every day.


We made this one about an event and look at the difference.

The videos were made in the same style but the last comment we got on this one was the day after we released it. It’s not an “Evergreen” piece of content. However off the back of this video we received emails from 3 companies asking us to make a video to promote their business.

All types of content have their merits. Find your blend and you will naturally see an increase in traffic and sales. It’s all about creativity and most importantly experimenting with ideas. You’ll strike gold if you keep changing it up.