Stories are nothing new to social media but with three of the big boys battling it out at the top we thought we would take a quick look at how Stories have evolved over the years. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all allow user to post their stories but who was first?

Snapchat originally launched Stories back in October 2013 which allows users to build up chains of content that could be viewed an unlimited amount of times over a 24-hour period. Sound familiar? Snapchat built their entire platform around this idea and it was Instagram and Facebook who decided to adopt the idea.

In 2016 Instagram launched their version of stories which borrowed heavily from Snapchat. All stories lasted 24-hours and were built up of video and photographs. In 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram.

By January 2017 Instagram announced that they had 150 million user posting stories daily and a s a result of this the Instagram rolled out adverts for their Story users.

In February 2017 Whatsapp (another Facebook company) launched Status which allowed for sharing of GIFS, Photos and Videos for a 24-hour period.

Finally in March 2017 Facebook launched Messenger Day which allows you to share videos and photos as and when happen throughout your day and Stories launched in the main Facebook Mobile App. This allowed users to share videos and photos from Facebook's new camera.