We look at how Augmented Reality technology is growing and how Snapchat became the accidental leader in AR technology.

Everyone loves an accidental hero and the love for Snapchat doesn't seem to be waning any time soon. 

The social platform that allows users to send pictures and videos that disappear after a certain amount of time has surprised everyone in the 5 years or so it has been running with its success and it's ability to make the most of developing AR technology has played a big part in that.

Using AR to create filters for its users, I'm sure we have all seen someone posting one of the pictures, they have almost single handedly brought AR to the attention of the general public and created a platform that could see the technology thrust into the limelight with further developments.

Of course AR has been around for some time but when Snapchat found its way on to millions of phones and became a daily staple of social media addicts, the use of their filters took the tech into most homes around the world.

Recent trending games such as Pokemon Go also used the technology to great effect when it launched. An instant craze, Pokemon Go encourages people to get out and about in order to hunt down rare creatures and gave users the option of trying to catch them with an AR setting. Most users now play without the AR setting but it the initial burst and excitement saw another spike in its use.

The future of gaming could well make use of AR and talk of a Harry Potter Go game similar to Pokemon Go could see more people using it.

The mobile phone industry is also looking to get in on the action with Google and Samsung set to release new smart phones that will embrace the technology. Mobile cameras are a huge selling point and we have seen them getting better and better over the years as users demand higher quality images and videos.

With Snapchat currently at the top of the tree in terms of Augmented Reality it is up to them to keep developing their features to keep their users happy and capitalise on this fortuitous development while it lasts. The technology sector moves quickly and quite often by the time ideas have been developed the idea and demand has burned out and moved on to something else so making sure they move quickly to establish themselves is imperitive if Snapchat are going to hold on to their crown.