What are the priorities and tools for local marketing

Businesses in any industry use certain marketing techniques to market themselves in the area it operates in. Local marketing can attract customers from online platforms like social media, SMS, emails etc. 

So why is it important to attract a Local Audience? 

Targeting local audiences is vital for brands to:- 

— Build relationships in order

— Create partnerships

— Gaining feedback 

Appealing to local customers is easier than ever. Technology can also be used to market all over town. You can network locally, use traditional marketing techniques but technology can also be used to market all over town.

When targeting localised audiences you’re going to have to optimise your strategy and amplify your efforts. Well that is if you want to reach segmented audiences and meet your desired goals. 

So what can we do? Well lets start off by identifying the Target Audience and Defining you’re Niche. Classify the customers according to their lifestyle, culture, age, gender, tradition, income, interests, buying habbits and other demographics. You may be better off going to a local agency that specialises in this sort of thing. They’ll be able to give you beter insights into the life of people residing in your area. 

You’re going to want to do all this so you can tailor your sales pitch, advertise correctly and price your products accordingly.

Okay next thing you need to do is identify the customers needs. What are they looking to buy? 

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a great way to identify what the user wants and needs. The customers decision to buy something depends on there needs. 

One needs to know what exactly the buyer is looking for. The product produced by the global brand should satisfy the local buyers. Expansion occurs with expectation.

Amplify Local Marketing With Tools

There are a few tools available that will help amplify local marketing objectives. 

1. Content Delivery Network (CDN) and hreflang Tag 

Your brands website should be optimised for local audiences. Two of the best ways you can do this is by having a CDN and by having a target=“….” hreflang tag in place so that you can properly optimise the regional URLS. 

A CDN is a network that holds a copy of website content and serves it to the users located in different bits of the world. If you use a CDN your webpage loading speeds across the world will improve. This will make local user access the contents of the website much easier even if the main server is located halfway around the world. 

2. Balihoo

So Balihoo allows you to create campaigns. It will let you customise and target campaigns and it also channels partners using the latest marketing automation technology. Using his tool you could create up to 10,000 local campaigns in minutes, get rid of spreadsheets and manage search and display for each location the smart way. 

So what are the advantages of using Balihoo?

Local paid search: This is going to help capture the local customers attention. 

Local display: It will create customised versions of advertisements for each location and target customer’s attention in that area. 

Local website: This is probably the most effective way to drive local phone calls and traffic. 

3. Survey Monkey

Survey monkey allows you build simple or sophisticated surveys with there easy to use survey builder. The data you get back could help you make decisions, as well as share reports and charts.

By generating data about your customers, like age, gender, income and education levels, you can get a much better sense of who they are. So for example you could conduct a restaurant survey regarding the pricing of food, quality, selection of drinks, specially dietary menus. 

4. Neilsen Segments

Neilsen Segments is an interactive tool based on demographics and behaviour of people. 

This tool allows you to create strategies and execute them while benchmarking your performance. This tool will allow you to check the lifestyle traits of their current customers. 

Set Up Your Priorities for Local Marketing

It necessary to understand the goals of your business and set your priorities accordingly. Identify the skill and competencies required to stay successful. Theres this rule called the 80/20 rule that says the “the first 20% of any task will account for 80% of the value of that task. The tools and strategies I’ve mentioned above will help better your local marketing strategy and hopefully you will see some results.