Facebook Live was unleashed on the world in 2016 and Facebook are have unveiled some brand new smashing features which will make the Live experience even better.

"Live Chat with Friends" and "Live With" will be added to Facebook Live. 

"Live Chat With Friends" will give users the chance to watch a live feed on a public broadcast with one of their friends.  Facebook stated "You're able to jump back into the public conversation at any time, and you can still continue chatting via Messenger after the broadcast ends." Test have begun on mobile apps in several regions around the world. Facebook have said that they hope to release "Live Chat With Friends" worldwide this summer. 

"Live With" will allow users to share their screen with a friend via live video. Public Figures could use this feature last year but Facebook have said that this will become available for all profiles and pages on IOS this summer.

Facebook is focusing heavily on user experience and building more interactivity into their mobile and desktop sites so we expect to see more changes and features to follow shortly.