Its official Google has launched its app Google Assistant on the IOS app store. It was announced on Wednesday at the I/O developer conference and was made available for download on IOS thereafter.

Google Assistant and Siri are now in direct competition and it is arguable that currently Google is way out in the lea because of Google’s machine learning capabilities and how seamless it is with the rest of Google's apps.

Google Assitant also allows you to type queries in as well as its voice recognition software whereas Siri can currently only recognise voice commands.

Don't count Siri out just yet. Every IOS product now comes with Siri pre installed so Google may have a hard time converting consumers on this front.

Another unique feature of Siri is the ability to say “hey Siri” to your IOS device and begin finding out information. Google Assistant still needs to be manually opened.

Its an exciting time for consumers as we are going to see some updates from both parties and competition will only drive voice command apps further forward.

Currently Google Assistant is only available in the US and there has been no mention of rolling out the app to the rest of the world anytime soon. However Google Home will be making an appearance in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan soon so it may be safe to say that the IOS version of Assistant may be heading to these countries first.