On Thursday the 4th of May at 6pm we carried out our first live stream. We had been doing live stream shows as part of Rare Trade (the Kilwinning Record Shop side-line) for a couple of weeks so getting everything set up wasn't too difficult.

There’s a hundred different ways to live stream but I’ll take you through the way we do it. Chances are this formula will change as we go on but right now we use Switcher Pro. I’m going to write a separate blog post about Switcher and how great it is so if you want to find out more about it then check out that post. We set Switcher up and ran it through Joicaster so we could stream directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all that the same time. I don’t think that sits well with Facebook’s terms and conditions but I don't think Mark Zuckerberg will chapping my front door anytime soon.

Joicaster is a live streaming distribution platform. It basically takes one video source and send its to multiple places. We couldn't get it synced up with YouTube this time but that's because we had it synced up with multiple accounts and i think it kept kicking us out of my one. So the first stream was only available on Twitter and Facebook. Before we kicked off I done a quick video telling everyone what was going on through instagram. Instagram will send your followers a notification when you go live so I thought this might be a good way to get the ball rolling.

Now for the truth. I was proper nervous when we started all this. Im literally sitting in a room with two other people talking to a camera. Colin was running switcher and setting up Joycast and Craig was keeping an eye on Facebook and Twitter to see if people were watching and if they were what were they saying.

In honesty I think the first one went really well. You always settle in when you playing so once I was two songs deep everything felt good. It always helps if you know people are watching.

In the first night on Facebook we got 1200 views. About half of them came after the broadcast was finished so I think next time we go a bit later in the evening rather than 6 pm and see if that makes any difference. We had 23 viewers at our best so it surpassed my expectations. I had set the goal at 200 views in my head so it was great to get more than that.

Over that last week I’ve seen my likes go up from 1553 to 1577. That was inviting people to like the page after they had engaged with the video.

On Twitter I have 452 followers.

Instagram has 921 followers

And my mailchimp list is at 647

I recorded the audio live. The audio bootleg will be available but only to my mailing list which will hopefully drive the numbers up.

I’ll keep a close eye on how the social feeds move as the weeks go by but right now it's time to rebuild a website and look into the second live stream.