Google has announced that AMP pages will load at twice the speed from Google searches. Google have cut rendering time in half since last year.

Google has said the increase in speed has been due to server-side rendering and a reduction in bandwidth usage from images. Google is also using Brotli (a compression algorithm) which is reducing the size of documents by a whopping 10%.

Currently there are over 2 billion sites using AMP and its because of this that Twitter will be expanding support for AMP pages to both Android and IOS app users.

AMP is being used more and more by e-commerce sites and with Google developing new AMP ads this will see this increase even more. Monetisation option for AMP is currently very limited. 

Ebay is planning to extend AMP support throughout more of its pages. Ebay has over 15 million pages AMP'd up and is looking to expand this onto product and interest pages.

AMP is on the rise and we will keep you up to date with any and all new developments.