Recent (subtle) changes could help you figure out how people are using your business in Google before they even visit your site

So there's been a slight change in Google My Business

The back-end experience of using Google My Business is limited to say the least. With no functionality towards date ranges and data breakdowns, you might sometimes wonder why you'd ever think of going in there to have a look.

That might be about to change if you haven't noticed there's been a refresh to the insights provided.

This is what the Insights section now looks like. It provides a better breakdown of how users (and potential customers) are finding your business in Google search, specifically when we're talking about local search.

This Discovery is what has drawn my attention. Without giving too much away as they're prone to do, Google is now telling how on a rolling 30 day basis whether your customers are searching for your directly or discovering you.

A direct search would be simply akin to typing "Boyd Digital" and interacting that way.

A discovery search is when someone finds the business through a localised keyword based search e.g. digital marketing Glasgow, and interacts with the business listing and site that way.

There's also this refresh on showing what users interacting with the knowledge graph result for the business are looking at when investigating your listing.

This particular one for co-working space Think Tank Glasgow highlights that people who are coming across the business will be prone to checking out all the photos that were placed on the Google local listing to get an idea of what the place looks like before getting in touch.

So why should you start checking out this stuff for your local pages?

Although it's only a nugget of information, it's still incredibly handy to know how potential customers are getting in touch and what their pre-site interactions are.

If you seen this info and knew that many people tried to call direct from Google, you might want to see how to optimise your site to show your number more prominently, or simply cop on that most people phone on a Monday morning when you might usually be out of the office and missing potential leads.