Think you've nailed your content for your local audience? Surprising or not a lot of businesses fail to get it right.

Problems That Arise When Creating Localised Content

Over the past while I've noticed it doesn't matter if a business owner writes his/ her own content or ships it out to an agency, their local SEO efforts are hampered due to writing dismal content. 

People will say that they've got it right. That their way is the right way. Believe it or not  a lot of websites are writing in the same tone, the same boring manner that makes you want to switch off after two seconds.

Here's a passage I created for an imaginary local business. What's wrong with it?

"Here at Aberdeen Dentists Surgery we have the skilled staff to meet your needs. Aberdeen Dentists Surgery is your local surgery. We offer our services to the likes of Bridge of Dee, Cults, Cove Bay and of course Aberdeen City Centre."

To me, that just screams junk or spammy content.  This is across the board. It's vital to mention your local info in your content but to mention it time and time again is like shooting yourself in the foot. Hopefully you caught on too that its just ridiculous but lots of businesses do this in hoping that the more content written in this matter will improve their local ranking by the likes of Google. 

The Way To Writing Successful Localised SEO Content

I know and you will probably know every business owner thinks they're top of the pile in their field and that they should top the listings in any local search. The next question would be - why though? Once you've answered that then you're ready to get creative and create awesome engaging content.

Once you've created your content - read it out loud, not in your head.  If it doesn't sound right or it's a bit awkward then it probably is. Google introduced Google Panda a few years ago and with updates on this search tool happening all the time, it's vital to have conversational content on your website.

You're not going to call up a potential client and say "Hey, so here at Glasgow Motors, we produce Glaswegian Cars for the Glasgow area and around Edinburgh, Dundee oh and did I say Glasgow?!"

Stop making lists, it can be hard but if you follow the steps I just spoke about, it can be easier than ever to write great content that Google will pick up on and make you rank better in local search.  

Of course mention local information but not in a spammy way and remember to optimise; Meta, URL's, Title Tags, Images etc.