Video online is huge. We say it all the time and if you dig through the recesses of this blog you will see we post about video all the time. So what platform is best to host your video on? Today we look at YouTube vs Vimeo? Which is best?

So why Choose YouTube…

So why Choose YouTube…

So why Choose YouTube…

YouTube is a lot easier to get started. There is no barrier for entry. You don’t need to pay to get up and running and there is no quality control. That last point could be seen either way though depending how you look at it. What I mean is if you have never used a camera before and you give it a go then YouTube is more suited to you. Vimeo is more for the DSLR, panning shots and pulling focus mob.

No Upload Limit

You can upload as much as you want, whenever you want and however you want. You won't be limited to only uploading a certain amount a month or a certain file size.

YouTube App

Everyone has the YouTube App on their phone. I use it almost everyday to control the videos on my TV. Android phones comes preloaded with the YouTube app. Name another video app that has the same amount of people using it? It's not easy is it?


YouTube is free for all so it needs advertising revenue to survive. That means you can be one of those advertisers. You can also use YouTube to hit your target audience easier.


You can add interactive elements to your videos text, calls to action, clickable hotspots and more to your videos and use them cunningly to drive traffic towards your website.


Google owns YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind its owner so as far as SEO goes that can’t be no bad thing.

So thats YouTube out of the way lets look at Vimeo…

It’s Smaller Than YouTube

I know it doesn't sound like a positive but there is a whole lot of noise on YouTube and because of this it can be difficult to get your video noticed but the smaller audience on Vimeo means there is room for you to cut through all the buzz and get seen.

Ad Free

There are no Ads on Vimeo. That means your viewers won't needs to sit and wait impatiently for that 5 seconds to be over before they can frantically click “Skip Ad.” It also means that competitors can't jump on at the start of your video and try and steal your traffic. With no Ads comes a paid subscription. You can't have it all.


If you are after true HD then Vimeo is your place. YouTube compresses everything that gets uploaded onto it. If you have ran your .mov through something like Handbrake to get the file size down then another sweep of compression isn't going to do you any favours. Vimeo will let you upload it in as high a quality as you want. That’s why film makers choose Vimeo.


YouTube has a community but let's just say sometimes they can focus a bit more on the negative side of things. Vimeo had a strong community with people giving you real feedback.


Vimeo Pro has a whole host of features. You can add you own company logo to the video player. Customise your URL and so forth. YouTube doesn't have that option.


On Vimeo you’ll get a 1 hour response on the pro packages.

At the end of the day it is your choice which platform you decide to use. Whichever platform suits your business best is always the right choice. You can always use both but if you wanna streamline your traffic then picking a side may work better for you. Let us know below what you think?