Data is an extremely valuable thing to have. Without data your online life would cease to exist and float into nothingness. With that depressing thought now lodged in your cerebral cortex we asked the question. Why is metadata so important?

Simply put metadata is data inside data about data. It's a very important part of SEO and if we don't treat it with care and respect then we will weaken our online positioning. It can be a key driver for search engines.

Metadata is invisible. It live in the DNA of web pages, pictures, audio and video. The metadata we use for SEO communicates with search engines.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

<meta name=”description” content=” Look at me Im a meta tag.” />

Three things to think about when approaching metatags are:

Description: Meta descriptions can help increase your customer click through rate but it will have no effect on your rankings. The Meta tag description describes the content on the webpage. It needs to be at least 11 words but no more that 150 characters. If you don't stick to this principle the description won't be displayed. If you can try not to duplicate the on page description.

Keywords: Meta Keywords havent affected ranking since 2009. Dont use keyword attributes unless you have an internal search engine and you need to.

Robots: Meta robots tell a search engine if it should indrex or pass a link authority through the links that are on a page. The four attributes are:





Search engines will index content follow link by their very nature. These attributes are used at template level as you may be looking to exclude all pages that use a specific tempelated from being index.

It’s important to know that the using the noindex tag can drastically decrease your SEO performance and the last thing you want to do is that.