We look at the top 5 reasons people don't read your blog posts and how to change them.

Blog posts are a great way to get your message out there but sometimes it feels as if we are howling at the moon when we get little to no hits on it.

There are a number of reasons why your blog post might not be getting read and we are going to look at 5 of them and how we can change that.

1. Make People WANT to Read It

That might sound obvious but when you sit down to create a blog post you need to create a hook that makes people either want to start reading it or continue if they do start.

Give people a reason to want to read your posts by making it interesting. Telling people about mistakes that are made in blog posts could be boring (I hope this isn’t) but when you say “here are some mistakes and here is how to avoid them” suddenly the reader is getting something out of it.


2. Tell Your Readers a Story

If you are just going to put dry facts down you are as well making bullet points because you get to the point straight away anyway.

Creating a story around what you are saying gives your reader a much better experience and they are more likely to read more of your work.

I am not saying you have to create a long winded novel to get a simple point across and there is a fine line between writing an entertaining blog and waffling unnecessarily so be sure that it reads well and ask yourself “would this entertain me?”.

3. Follow the Formula

Certain styles of writing work, if something works it can often be a big gamble to change that. On very rare occasions you might get lucky and make the discovery of a lifetime but lets just assume that you will be like the 99.9% of other people that take something simple to try something new and fail miserably.

Let your readers know what the problem is to start with, such as people not reading your blog. Then you can let them know why that is a bad thing, because you can't get your message across. Finally offer them the solution, follow these 5 steps to get people reading your blog posts again.

It might seem a little to simple but that's how so many 'clickbait' articles work so well, they hold the information that you need until the last moment.

4. Make Yourself Stand Out

Decide on a style and stick to it. If humour is your thing then go for it and soon you will have a loyal following that will come to expect your own brand of witticisms while getting your message across.

This will also help to build a brand identity around your blog and if that is for a business then it should also permeate into your design, ads and social media posts and interactions.

5. Make Sure They Want to Keep Reading

Like a TV show breaking for an advertisement you need to make sure your audience is hooked. When the TV shows return they often don't get straight back into the nitty gritty and can bring a new thread into the mix and this can be done with writing blogs. 

As long as people are interested and looking to find the information you are giving them then they will continue to read and you can put your message across.

These are just a few ways to try and engage readers but it is equally important to make sure your distribution reaches the people you want to read your blog.

Social Media is a dream come true for reaching a target audience and though you often have to pay to reach them a good cross platform Social Media campaign, paid or not can make a difference.