Looking at the best ways to optimise your product listing and Google shopping accounts.

Getting started with Google shopping is quick and easy and with so many benefits it is definitely worth the time it will take you. To get started you need an AdWords account and a Google Merchant Center Account.

Using the the four following tips you can get the perfect start to your Google Shopping experience.

1. Optimise Your Feed

It will be tempted to just pull your stock from your site and dump it straight to your Google shopping account for speed and to make it an easy transition but this can often be a mistake.

You run the risk of causing incompatibility errors which will miss out crucial information on your products being listed, some of your products not being listed at all, duplicate listings or your account being suspended which can be time consuming and costly.

Taking the time to ensure your initial upload is clean and in order is important and you can use a smart feed solution to remove errors from your feed.

2. Concentrate on Your Account Structure

Structuring you account correctly is import to your success. You will want your most popular and profit making products getting the most traffic, filter traffic to your less popular products through to your big earners and test which kind of promotions work and if your price point is competitive enough to result in sales.

If you are bringing in new products keep them separate so you can test their popularity over time. If you are dealing with a large number of products use smart automation to help you deal with them.

3. Bidding for Google Shopping

This is important to get right so you don't get over exposure on low profit items or end up with your products turning up in categories you won't see a high conversion rate from. Here are some tips to bidding.

If you make sure your bidding strategy and account structure work together it will help you to manage your products and bidding, spot any problems that may develop and get the most from your campaign

To make the most of your advertising budget only push things that you know will have a good return, don’t gamble on poor performers.

Making use of smart automation, especially when you have a large number of products will let your campaign run more quickly and free you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

4. Customise Labels

Custom Tools are a great way to optimise your account and make get the information you need to succeed. Because the tools are outside your account structure so you can use them to help optimise your account without fear of causing issues.

You can also use them, to do things Google doesn’t such as tracking the cost of your sold goods.

You can also use custom labels and external tools to compile reports across different time period and more making it a useful add on that will not only help you to keep things in order but also help you to push your business on to a higher level.