How do I speed up my wordpress site?

Page speed is a big factor in getting your site to rank above your competitors. Many people use Wordpress as it's an easy to learn great platform with thousands of plugins and themes for it. One big problem Wordpress suffers from is speed, it can be quite slow.

If you don’t think about this while building your site it can end up quite slow and become a big mess. It's not only a hassle for you but it will cause you to lose subscribers and customers and reduce the chances of repeat customers.

I’m not going to explain the ins and outs of why Site Speed matters as I’m going to get straight to the point and explain how we improve it on Wordpress.

Heres 15 ways to speed up Wordpress.

1 - Hosting

1 - Hosting

First things first get good hosting. Shared hosting might seem like a bargain but it can result in your site being slow during times of high traffic.

2 - Theme

2 - Theme

There are a lot of good themes out there, filled with great addons and features. You need a solid framework from the get go… try find yourself a lightweight and speedy theme that isn’t packed with features you won’t use.

3 - Caching Plugins

What is this? Basically a cache is an area in your computer's memory that will store recently used information. When a site is cached this means your computer has stored the sites images, files, pages etc etc onto your hard drive. So when you revisit the site all of these things have loaded already and will make the site load much quicker. Caching Plugins work pretty much the same way. They

When a browser doesn’t have to retrieve new information every time a site is accessed it results in faster page load times. Caching plugins work the same way. The save dynamically generated HTML files in the cache and serve them next time a request is made instead of re-loading all of the PHP scripts from WordPress.

My favourite is the W3 Total Cache, it has everything you need and its really easy to install and use.

4. Using a CDN

A CDN means Content Delivery Network - it will take all your static files you have on your site like CSS, Javascript and image files and distribute them to multiple data centers around the world so it is closer to the end user.

A CDN will take the geo-location of the user into account and serve the files from the nearest caching node.  So this lets visitors download them much quicker.

Check out Cloudflare - using this in combination with W3 Total Cache is a pretty awesome mix.

5. Optimize images

5. Optimize images

There are plenty of plugins you can download that will allow you to optimise your images. These reduce the file size of your image while keeping the same quality. There are addons you can get that do this for you like


6. Disable hotlinking and leaching of your content

Hotlinking is when you add an image to your site but the image isn’t stored on your server. The image is pulled in from someone else's site. Essentially this is bandwidth theft as it can put a big load on your server.

7. Add LazyLoad !

Why load images that your viewers can’t see? If you’re a photographer or someone who has loads of images on your site then the vast majority of your website's load time will be taken up by loading all those images.

Lazyload is the process of loading images that you can see above the fold. So only images in the viewer's browser window, then when the user scrolls down more load.

Simply download a plugin called Lazy load.

8. Replace PHP with static HTML, when possible

This is a little bit more advanced but it can cut down your load time a LOT. So if you’re desperate to cut down the load speed a bit more then look into this.

Here is a great article on it -

Definitely check it out!