Looking at the biggest shifts in Content marketing and SEO and how they will affect the industry.


Anyone that has tried to stand still in the world of SEO will know that it is not an option if you want to see positive results. Now more than ever before there are shifts that people in the industry need to get a hold of before being left behind.

Google continues to shift the goal posts in order to give their users the best experience in finding what they are looking for and keeping ahead of this can often prove to be difficult. Ensuring the site you are working on gives its users a good experience and has quality, relevant content is essential if you want to stay at the head of the pack.

We look at 5 of the big changes and how it might make a difference to the future trends in SEO and Content Marketing.

1. Mobile is No. 1

Mobile devices and Smart Phones are one of the main ways that users will engage with a site. It allows them quick and easy access and if the site they get to doesn’t offer a quick and easy user experience you will suffer.

Allowing users the opportunity to engage with you on the move is a major part of any business now and mobile optimized brands will see afar greater return than those that choose to bury their heads in the sand.

2. Use SEO & Content Marketing Together

Having a heavily SEO optimized site that lacks in content orvice versa will never reach the potential of sites that have combined the bestof both worlds.

Google is looking for the complete package and penalise sites with poor content or weak SEO. Working on both of these will increase visibility and help to improve the user experience which is key to reaching targeted conversion rates.

Quality content such as useful information, videos, info-graphics and images can also be used as content for social purposes. The synergy between good social output and quality site content will help to get you more followers and interested users.

3. Catering for Voice Searches

With mobile technology developing to allow hands free searchqueries it is important for people with sites to optimize and pay attention to.

Search queries will differ from text queries in the way they are asked and with virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa growing in popularity with the development of mobile technology it is important that your site is prepared for this shift in searches.

4. Go From Local to HyperLocal

Local marketing is important and should not be ignored butt here is going to be a shift towards the hyper local community which targets where people are at that specific moment in time. As we have mentioned, mobile technology is developing and being able to target potential customers and site users at a specific moment when it is entirely relevant to them and their location will produce great results to those that embrace it.

Optimizing your ‘local’ content such as your Google business page will make you more visible to relevant users and potential customers. It makes sense that is someone is in London looking at cafes in Glasgow they are just getting information and could visit in the future. If someone is from London but in Glasgow searching for a cafe they are very likely to visit.

5. Let the Machines Take Over

That might sound a little worrying to some Terminator fansout there but with the amount of date and information we can get from our sitesit can be quite time consuming to filter through it. Embracing the latesttechnologies and tools and trusting them to do their jobs will free up time foryou to act on the information you gather.

Known as Machine learning, it is something marketers will have to adapt to if they want to have the insights as well as the time to make the information matter by acting on it.

In conclusion it is important that we, not only learn to adapt to changes in how our customers and site users access information but we actively seek out the best ways to make the most of it.

Site users are enjoying developments that gives them a far greater user experience and opportunity to find us so it is our duty to make the most of that and embrace the tools and technology that will shift our focus and deliver positive results