FinTech is a term that you’ll have no doubt have seen across Twitter, tech coverage, and even in the press. With start-ups all over really beginning to gain traction and attract mainstream attention, now’s a better time than ever to acquaint yourself with some of the up and coming companies rising to the top of the sector.

Some you may have heard of, and some not, but they all have one thing in common… they’re ‘ones to watch’ this year!

1. Atom Bank

Atom Bank

Atom is the UK's first bank designed exclusively for mobile, and has hit the headlines recently for offering the country’s best mortgage deal ever (1.29pc fixed for five years!); and then pulling it, just nine days later. With voice verification and the option for users to completely customise their own logo, colours and name,it’s a banking experience like no other. It’ll be interesting to see what's next for Atom.

2. TransferWise


A peer-to-peer lending system, TransferWise have been about since 2011,but it looks as though 2017 will be the year they really break the mainstream market. They’re taking Brexit as an opportunity to set up a new continental HQ and are confident that Europe will remain a growth area for them.

3. Iwoca


The small business finance provider with “no commitments, no hidden fees, and no hassle”. Iwoca use their bespoke software to review finance proposals within minutes, and often have money transferred within a matter of hours. Interest is only paid for the days the funds are with the client, and they’ve already earnt a 9.8/10 Trustpilot rating!

4. Monzo


Monzo is an alternative mobile bank offering users the opportunity to build their own apps using their API, and promise no setup or usage fees, a real-time balance always available,and in-app customer service. Monzo regularly hold open events at their London office,so it’s worth nipping in and seeing what they’re up to in 2017.

5. Revolut


Pitching themselves as a local bank globally, Revolut offer their customers no spending fee sand real-time currency exchange rates. The perfect banking choice for globe-trotters, their user benefits include categorising expenses for easier money management, single-tap card security and the ability to open a current account in the UK without proof of address or a credit check.

6. Azimo

Azimo Techstory

Azimo allows users to transfer money just using a phone number – anywhere in the world. Funds can be transferred either direct to a bank account or to a trusted source for a cash pick-up, in over 70 countries. The entrepreneur behind Azimo helped build Europe’s largest offline money transfer provider, so there’s reason to believe this start-up could really take off.

7. Anyone from the Start-up BootCamp

Anyone from the Start-up BootCamp

The Start-upBootcamp is an intensive support programme for up-and-coming FinTech businesses supplying mentorship, a co-working space, living expenses, access to events, knowledge masterclasses, and investor access. Supported by the likes of Mastercard, Lloyds Banking Group, PwC and Rabobank Group, start-ups taking advantage of this channel have a great opportunity to tap into expert knowledge and connections – meaning they’re likely to go far.