Facebook have revealed that users are three times more likely to watch live stream videos compared to normal video uploads.

We all know Facebook can be a really noisy place at times. Just last week I couldn’t see anything in my feed except “9 Bands I’ve Seen Live and 1 Lie.” I don’t know if anyone else’s online life suffered because of this but I’m sure at some point your feed has been full of unavoidable background noise and Facebook Live is the perfect way to cut through it. Here are 6 tips on how to get started and reach more people.


Be aware of your surroundings. 

If you’re inside take some measures to limit background noise, pick a space with a decent amount of natural light if you haven’t got Fill Lighting. It seems pretty obvious but the last thing you want is your prize winning Persian eating the Pteris Cretica potted fern your Aunt bought you for Easter in the background. It might take away from some of the important points you are trying to make.


If you have never done a live broadcast before then it may be worth your while jotting down some notes and spending a bit of time thinking about what you want to talk about. Last month we started a live broadcast for Rare Trade. One of our panel had never been on FB Live before and he spent what felt like 10 minutes giggling in marvelous wonderment at this thing called the internet.

Production Values

When you mention production values the first thing people think of is expensive and fancy cameras. In my opinion when it comes to FB Live the first thing I would concern myself with is sound quality. Think about it this way. Have you ever watch a video which was crystal clear but the sound was really hissing away and out of sync with the lip movements. Now compare how that would make you feel compared to a now so great video quality but the sound was spot on. Statistically speaking you’re more likely to switch off if there are sound issues over whether the video is in HD or not.

If you are just starting out it’s not about heading out and buying the most expensive thing you can. An Iphone, an Irig and a half decent Dynamic Microphone will be more than enough to start you on your journey.

If you are planning to live stream outside then I'd invest in a wind-protector of some description. 



When doing any sort of live stream it’s important to multitask. When you’re getting carried away with talking to your thousands of viewers it’s easy to forget that your thousands of viewers will be trying to talk to you.

Set up a laptop with your FB Live video on mute so you can see what your viewers are saying. While it’s open why not ask for a share to grow your reach. For added brownie points if someone asks you a question then mention them by name on your broadcast. It’ll make them feel all special and more likely to tell their friends or give you that share.

Know Your Strengths

Know Your Strengths

If you have an unbridled knowledge of Postage Stamps then talk about that. If you are a mastermind of Subbetto then talk about that. If you have a vast pool of knowledge then use it. That’s what makes a video interesting. The same applies if you are talking about your product or brand. Stay on topic and trust your skills.

Less is More

Less is More

Facebook will let you stream for four hours. That doesn’t mean you should use all of that. 10-20 minutes is perfect. It makes your production sleek, concise and interesting. Your real enemy here is “dead air.” The shorter the broadcast then the less chance there is of long pause while you check your internal rolodex looking for the next thing to talk about.

The most important bit of advice I can give you is do it once. The first one is always the hardest but once you have made the first jump the rest of your live streams will fall into place.