What can you do in 2017 to stay ahead of the game? Here are 9 things you should consider when trying to get the most out of your SEO this year. some of them may seem a bit obvious but more often than not it's the obvious things that get overlooked.

1. Content


Highly engaging, informative and entertaining content is still the most important factor when kicking your SEO up a notch. Be creative. Dont waste thinking about keywording. Spend your time focusing on the content that works for you. 

2. Page Titles

Think about page titles and how to optimise them for your market. You will see dividends in the long run.

3. Local Optimisation

80% of local searches will end up with an in store visits. Get involved on a local level. Set up profiles on Yelp, Tripadvisor and the likes. This can prove invaluable. 

4. Page Layout and Navigation

Keep UI and UX in mind when building your website. If you build your website around the user you will see an increase in conversions. 

5. Link Profile Clean Ups

Link Profile  Clean Ups

Make regular checks and remove unhealthy links as often as possible. Dont wait of Google picking up the phone. Be proactive.

6. Quality Backlinks

Look for quality over quantity. 

7. Social Media

Social media platforms have their own filtering algorithms. The cream will rise to the top.

8. Remove Thin Content

Audit yourself. Remove or rewrite content that is serving no purpose to your site. 

9. Robust Site Architecture

Make sure search engines can move between your pages with ease. They will like that.