All of these trends involve Facebook and Twitter and with 2017 now in full swing how have you change your strategies to grow with the changes in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing will play a major role in 2017 business marketing strategies with consumers engaging more and more with visual and interactive content we will see facebook, twitter and other social media platform playing more of a role (if that’s even possible) this year.

Here are 7 trends for 2017:

Content marketing will remain the most dominant marketing technique. This means your focus should change from paid search marketing and think more about the content your brand produces. How does it fit your audience?

The three top priorities for B2C Content creators in 2017 will be

Creating more engaging content

Creating visual content

Effectively measuring the results

Measuring the results means that the content you produce will be tailored made for your target audience.

When posting on Facebook include an image. Post with images always perform better than posts without images. The more engaging your posts the more shares, likes and comments you’ll receive.

The same applies to Twitter. Posting with images will be more rewarding. Although Facebook is a better platform for B2C marketing Twitter is still king for B2B.

Infographics perform better than any other type of content. Consumers love infographics for a number of reason but the main one one is how easy it is to digest information quickly.

Visual user generated content is more engaging than brand photos. Think YouTubers. Think reviews. Think fan-art. The problem is how do you get it? This will be a huge challenge for 2017.

The demand for interactive content will go through the roof. People are moving away from Web 1.0 and looking to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0