We look at 7 great ways to promote your content and get the most from your hard work.

Creating great content is a sure fire way of making your users experience on your site a lot better as well as boosting your SEO but a lot of people think having it sitting on your site alone is enough.

Good content promotion can help introduce new users to your site, boost social pages and also increase your visibility in search engines.

Here are 7 great ways to promote your content and maximise your potential.

1. Get the Right People On Board

Reaching the right people is integral to good marketing and finding the right people with access to this audience could open up a whole new customer base for you.

Finding and engaging with influencers who can reach this market can be as simple as looking about on social media platforms for the right people.

For example if you had a Reggae Music Label and you looked on instagram and found someone random with 10,000 followers compared to someone with a tailored instagram feed specialising in Reggae music but only had 1000 followers the chances are the more specialised account would yield a better conversion rate for you.

Of course this example is over simplified but it illustrates the point that certain people will have a certain following and influence that might be beneficial to your business.

2. Reuse and Repurpose

If you have created some great content with some excellent information in it you should make the most of it.

You can use the information from a blog post in an infographic and a video, you can also create a slideshow and make the most of various platforms to push all of this new content to great effect.

3. Make the Most of the People Around You

If you post something on Facebook or Twitter and you get a poor response, not only is it demoralising but it can also look bad to people who think your content isn't worth sharing. People can be easily influenced in this negative way but on the flip side you can influence them by encouraging employees and colleagues, friends and family to share and retweet information.

Not only does it create a good impression for anyone that sees it but it can also cause a genuine snowball effect if people they know then share it.

4. Reach Out & Include

If you mention another business or brand in a social post then why not tag them so their followers see and they might also share your content.

Everyone likes to feel validated and being tagged by other businesses shows a mutual respect and can often help to build a good relationship.

5. Reach Out to People That Might Help

It is worth doing a bit of research to see who has shared similar content and then reaching out to them to see if they might be interested in sharing your content as well.

It is a quick and easy way to build links to your content and you can also a good opportunity to network with like minded people.

6. Make the Most of Online Communities

A lot of people will use online communities to find out the latest trends and techniques such as Inbound.org, HackerNews and Growth Hackers to name a few. 

These platforms offer the facility to post content so it can often be worthwhile to post here.


HARO is 'Help A Reporter Out' and can be extremely useful when trying to connect with writers or publishers. It can be a great way to speak to the right people that will help you out.