Great Ways to be heard and maximise your reach to your audience on Social Media.

Social Media is a great way for businesses and brands to reach their audience but in recent years it has been more and more difficult to get your message heard above everyone else and actually reach your followers.

We look at 6 great ways to make sure your voice is heard.

1. Optimise Your Posts

Simply posting any old thing simply won't do the trick. You need to make sure you are posting content that people want to see and have a good chance of interacting with.

Ensuring you post content with the correct size of image for each platform is important and encouraging engagement from likes to shares and comments will help your post reach more people.

Cut down on your word count so that the content going out is succinct and to the point as well.

2. Know Your Audience

This might take a bit of time as you guage the reaction to certain kinds of posts from text to video and image but knowing what gets a good response will help you decide how best to target posts.

3. Don't Compete for Slim Pickings

Try and create your own niche within your market rather than going too broad. It is easy to get caught up with other generic posts so something original should stand out.

You will then be able to speak to your specific audience and they will appreciate that it is more specific and tailored to their needs.

4. Invest Time in the Right Channels

Building relationships with certain influencers who already have a good reach and reputation can be worth the time.

Having a good community to help you spread your message to your target audience will work better than just you pumping ads out.

Not only will you reach more people but there is a level of trust associated with sharing peoples content.

5. Optimise Your Social Pages

Make sure you make the most of the information different social channels allow you to post.

Give a good description of who you are and what you do and make it easy for people to understand you straight away.

A clear and easy call to action or simple link is also highly recommended as you sometimes have to spoon feed people the information before it sinks in.

6. Don't Bore Your Audience With Constant Sales

Nobody wants to engage with someone constantly trying to sell them something. There's nothing worse than being in a shop browsing and having a sales assistant breathing down your neck and this is no different.

By all means let people know your service or products but try to engage them in a way that is natural and won't make them feel like you are only after their money.