Internet wide encryption is happening. There is no avoiding it so don't get left behind. HTTPS is the wbs new minimum standard and every website will need basic encryption or you will miss out on some of the major benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should get secure today.

1. Google Boosts Sites With Encryption.

Google Boosts Sites With Encryption.

In 2014 Google announced this nugget of information and since the latter part of 2016 websites that use SSL/TLS have seen a 5% increase in visibility.  This is only expected to increase this year.

2. Warning!


Users are now experiencing warnings when browsing a non secured site. Both Google and

Mozilla stated in 2015 that they will start to phase out non-secure HTTP regardless of what type of site you have. Think of this from your users point of view. If you have an ecommerce platform and a user's experiences that kind of warning before they even get anywhere near a conversion then you will feel the effects of this. In 2017 Chrome will show a “Non Secure” warning on any page that needs a login password or credit card details.

3. HTTP/2


HTTP has been around since the 1990’s. HTTP/2 or HTTP 2.0 has overhauled this outdated system and is now used by 18% of global traffic and that number is on the rise. HTTP/2 will ultimately make the internet fast and safer on HTTPS connections. All major browsers support this and you will need to use SSL to access it.

4. Gmail


Gmail is now warning users when an email has not been delivered securely. Gmail has released an icon at the top of any email that has not been delivered from a SSL/TLS secured server. Chances are other email providers will be adopting this pretty soon to.

5. Mobile features are Only Available Over HTTPS

Mobile features are Only Available Over HTTPS

Some of the powerful and very popular mobile features Chrome provides are now only available over encrypted connections. Things like Geolocation, Device Motion Orientation, Access to Microphone and Camera and Brotli Compression will all feel the sting of not secures your website.

There are whole multitude of reasons why you should be getting an SSL certificate in 2017. As you can see the positive outweigh the negatives so get yourself secured today.