Twitter Live Video is getting some new features this year and the rumours are that they are going to be big. Here are some tips to get you rolling in the world of Live Twitter Videos in 2017.

1. Build Anticipation

Build Anticipation

Being spontaneous can work in your favour sometimes but there is nothing like building a bit of anticipation about your live stream. Send out some tweets letting people know you will be going live at a certain time. Make sure you send this out to all your social channels. Moving your live streams from platform to platform can help you to build an even following on several social media platforms at once.

2. Your Setup

Your Setup

Preparation is key. Make sure you have all your equipment setup and tested beforehand. Writing a check list to use every time before you live stream will help safeguard you from any unwanted mishaps. For example:

  • Charge Phone
  • Set Up Tripod
  • Test Audio
  • Write Content
  • Check WiFi Connection
  • Lighting

There are quite a few things to test before you start live streaming so having a list like this will make your production look more professional in the long run.

Obviously live streams can be used to capture the moment but when being more consistent with your content having a live stream setup is vital.

3. Title


You only have 140 characters at your disposal on twitter so use them wisely. Twitter advise:]

“Your broadcast title let's your viewers know what to expect from your content. Be sure your broadcast title is relevant, descriptive, and versatile enough for use during the live event and immediately after. Try using emojis in your titles to help make your broadcast stand out.”

Using emojis can help. They've been available since 2014 of Twitter and they can help you express yourself without eating up all that valuable space you could be using for hashtags.

4. Grabbing Attention

Grabbing Attention

Live streams will autoplay on twitter feeds so it's good to get engaging straight away. Drawn out start up times or extended periods of “Dead Air” will make people keep scrolling. If you have a look back at Item 2 on this list then you will have all you technology sorted out so you are free to get the ball rolling straight away and get right into the content you are putting out.