Every smartphone has the ability to carry out a lot of the same things your laptop can so maybe its time to load it up with some of the great apps out there for your business and start to use some of your downtime more constructively. Here are 4 of the best apps for business in 2017.

Google Docs is great for when you're on the move. Its has a bundle of really great features but one of our favourite things is that you can collaboratively work on a document together on any device be it mobile or desktop. Its a really handy thing for when you are working on a proposal or to keep tabs on where everyone is in a project. another great feature is the ability to work in "offline" mode and Google Docs will then sync all your changes automatically the next time you log in. This is a must have.

2. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

You can use things like Googlemail to open PDF's on the go but Adobe Reader will allow you to make edits to PDF's, add notes and even export into different file formats. If you have an Iphone this is especially useful. I cant tell you how many times I've been caught out with PDF's sent via email and being unable to read them when it mattered the most. Having an app like this can come in handy when you least expect it.

3. Mailchimp


Email marketing is often overlooked but it can be a great way to create conversions and stay in contact with your audience. The Mailchimp app doesn't have all the features of its desktop counterpart but it allows you to check up on how your campaigns are doing and arguably the best feature is the ability to add people to your email list on the go. Just go to the add subscriber section and hand your phone over and let your newest subscriber stick in their details. Easy. 

4. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is an accountant in your phone. You can sync it straight to your business bank account, send invoices, log expenses, photograph receipts, calculate your VAT return and much more. This is a paid service but if keeping track of your ingoing and outgoings on the move is something you want to keep on top of then Quickbooks is the app you are looking for. Our favorite feature is the ability to match the everyday transactions in your bank account with expenses and invoices you have already set up in your Quickbooks account. It definitely saves you time and hassle in the long run.