Here are 12 predictions and trends we think will happen to Digital Marketing in the U.S in 2017.

Customer Loyalty is Now a Marketers Top Priority

55% of Chief Marketing Officers in the US will create solutions to grow relationships with customers.

57% of Digital MArketers are expecting to see increase funds spent on loyalty programs.

Customers will demand life-enhancing experiences.

90% of Forbes Global 500 executives think that the improvement of the customer experience is key in 2017.

73% of global marketers believe that the should deliver a personalised customer experience.

Over 50% of US marketers believe that expansion on all online channels is extremely important.

3 out of 4 global marketers believe that a single view of their customer base is essential.

80% of US Marketers in 2017 want to increase the use of their first-party data i.e webiste usage, campaign response and purchase history

60% of US marketers can identify their customers in some of their digital chanels.

300% increased spending on AI is expected in 2017

Over 50% of global CMO’s say that organizational issues are the biggest barrier in the full usage of customer data.