Some believe google are aiding the Dark Side if you want to stay in the Alliance then follow these 12 Jedi approved tips to avoiding the Google Death Star and the Galactic Empire's "ultimate weapon".

Stay away fromusing “#” in your URLs. The Google Strom Troopers don't index URLs with one of these rebel markings.

If you are donating credits (Galactic Credit Standard) to rebel charities or non profits for backlink purposes then think again. The Google Death Star will find out and this is against their guidelines.

If you are a local cantina in the galaxy far far away you should incorporate emojis into your content. The Google Death Star has launched the #knownearby campaign on Twitter and we think it will translate into local search predominately on mobile devices.

If content is Han Solo and Backlinks are Princes Leia then video is one of their three children. Video feeds the Google Death Star's Knowledge Graph.

Keep Your link building pure of heart. Using links from the Dark Side can devalue all your links.

Keep your site speed to 2-3 parsecs. You can use Boyd Digital Tools like SERP Insights to check your website's light speed.

Try using 360-degree videos. That way you will be able to see TIE Fighters from all angles and we think 2017 will be the year of 360.

Reddit is the 9th largest planet in the Galaxy. You want to set up a rebel base there.

Your old content can be valuable to the force. Try updating it more regular.

Monitor for duplicate content in case the Sith Lords are syndicating.

When creating content think about how you can spread this through the galaxy repackaged for the rebel contingents. Can it be a video? Can it go on Slideshare?

Make sure Yoda does not your blog posts write. Bad grammar won’t affect your ranking but give bad experience to users it will.