How effective is inbound marketing and how will it help your business? Here are 12 things you should know about Inbound Marketing.

On average inbound leads are 61% cheaper than outbound leads

For every new customer businesses save £11 when they mainly rely on inbound marketing

Inbound produces measurable ROI, 41% of marketers globally have confirmed this.

82% of marketers see positive ROI on blogging for their inbound marketing

Of the companies who blog 79% report a positive ROI for inbound marketing

When executed properly inbound marketing is 10x more effective 

After 5 months of regular inbound marketing the average cost per lead drops 80%

Traditional marketing costs 62% more than Content marketing, Content marketing also triples the leads

Average site conversion rate doubles from 6% to 12% when using inbound marketing

When using inbound marketing channels 3 out of 4 times it will cost less than outbound channels

When using inbound practices 54% more leads will be produced than when using outbound

80% of business decision makers would rather use a series of articles to source company information than using an advertisement.