There is an art to writing a good URL. Are you using keywords? Should you use hyphens or underscores? With these 10 optimisation tips you will get the most out of URLs.

1.     Ensure your URLs are easy to understand and readable

2.     Make sure that you are using hyphens and not underscores

3.     Avoid using capital letters in URLs

4.     Ensure your pages are mobile site friendly so your URL is ranked higher in search results

5.     Use your root folder to put all your top content in

6.     Use robots.txt to block all bad URLs

7.     Use a favicon to make your brand known to build trust with visitors and search engines

8.     Make google aware of any changes to your URL by using 301 redirects

9.     Your URL should contain ‘target-keyword’ to connect better with users

10.     Let your search engine know the specific URL you want to use