Inbound Marketing is a great way to convert strangers into the biggest supporters of your business. Here are 10 things you can do today to get started in Inbound Marketing today.

Make use of the free resources available and educate yourself on inbound marketing 

Build a team who are dedicated to inbound planning and execution 

Have a look at your current marketing and see if they are performing how they should

Set out your marketing goals, understand why you are selling what you are selling.

You also need to understand who you are selling to. Develop a clear buyer persona.

Have a clear marketing game plan and build on this

Build a professionally designed website to attract your buyers, make sure it is easy to navigate

Content creation is essential so publish this through blogging and social media etc.

Once your content is published – Promote it

Make sure you take the time to evaluate your progress and test what you have been doing to see where things can improve