You want people to like your content enough for them to share it and like it. This builds trust your your product or service. Sounds great. Here’s some ways to create good content!

These days we're always sharing content on facebook, twitter, text messages, email etc etc. The more people that see this content the more traction it gains and in the end you'll win more customers. 

2. Interview


Interviewing Someone -  Getting someone to write content is much easier. Writing a few questions for someone else to answer is easier than writing an entire post. You’ll also get some good original content.  

3. Get a guest writer

Get a guest writer

Get a guest writer -  Guest posting basically means letting someone else putting content on your blog. Guest posting is an extremely important strategy for growing your blog readership and platform. Guest posting is one of the best ways of connecting with new readers. 

Blogging needs good content and that takes time and effort. Wether you’re writing on someone else blog or you’re getting bloggers to put content on yours its a great way to connect with new readers.  

Guest posting is also great for search engines. The host blogger should include a link to there blog in the post. It won’t take long for these backlinks to add up and will raise the value of your site for search engines.

4. Video


 Video - Its said videos will be responsible for 80% of consumer web traffic by 2019. Have a look at sites like - or 

5. Infographics

Infographics Everybody loves a good infographic. People enjoy lists and find them much easier to read. They bullet point the main information and display it in a sleek informative way. 

The other good thing about an infographic is they get shared more which means they will be viewed more. They are a powerful way to get your information out.

6. Case Studies

Case Studies - You can do two different types of case studies - Best Case Studies and Worst Case Studies. 

Lets start with the Best Case Studies, so what content do you put in them? Well just answer these 3 questions when you’re doing you’re best case studies. What are they doing right?, Why do you like them? and What can your readers learn from them? 

The Worst Case Studies is just as easy, what are they doing wrong? Why do you dislike them and what can your readers learn from them? 

7. Review Them

Review Them - You could review a product or a service for someone in your niche. People some times want reassurance about a product. 

Try hit these bullet points when doing your review 

  • Introduce the product or service
  • Introduce the producer
  • Describe the product or service
  • Share what you like
  • Share what you don’t like
  • Provide your recommendation
  • Provide a call to action

8. Share your success

Share your success -   You could create a post telling people step by step about how you got to where you are today. Try not to brag but share helpful tips and lessons. You could share your post on sites like Reddit or other forums. 

9. Timing

Timing - Try post your content at the start of the day. Studies have shown you’ll get better results if you post content at the beginning of the workday.