Here are some common SEO Mistakes to avoid

1. Buying Links

Buying backlinks is one of the quickest way to get them. It seems quite appealing at first and people think extra revenue can be generated if your ranking on google goes up. Which may be true but how do you get your ranking up on google? Buying links isn’t the way anyway. Google states that buying backlinks breaches their guidelines. Think of links as votes and that paying for a vote isn’t really ethical. So lets say google spot you buying backlinks, you’re going to get penalised for it. The consequences can be quite severe and its common for sites to lose rankings for all keywords for 6 months or more. Some sites may never get their rankings back so you don’t want to  be caught. 

The problem is it can work. People get away with it because there are billions of links spread across the web so google find it hard to differentiate between backlinks that have been paid for and natural ones. 

If the site selling links are putting your links in relevant posts on relevant sites then you have more of a chance for google to realise the links haven’t been paid for. These links will probably be expensive though. 

So due to the high cost of high quality backlinks, lots of business are tempted to by low quality ones because there cheaper. The low quality paid links may work but its a 50/50 chance and you don’t want it giving you a negative effect on your site. It could potentially be a waste of money, low quality paid links are high risk. You don’t really want to cut any corners in SEO to try make a quick buck. You have to be in this game for the long run. 

So whats the conclusion? - Don’t buy them, don’t risk it. Invest money in creating content and promoting your site in a way that attracts natural backlinks. If your not bothered with getting caught by google or think its worth it then try follow these guidelines:-

  • Buy individual links, not bundles
  • Message bloggers/websites directly
  • Don’t buy links from sites that sell them openly
  • Buy links that are RELEVANT to your site
  • Try buy links that are in a blog post as opposed to sidebar or footer links

2. Duplicate Content

So this is one you need to try and avoid. Don’t talk about the same thing everyone else is talking about. Try think of a unique subject to talk about. The next thing to watch is copy and pasting someones work. This will be a big red flag to google and will give a negative effect to your site as opposed to a positive one. 

3. Leaving Title Tags Automated

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to search engines. Try keep your title nice and short (no more than 60 characters) but make sure you optimise the title tags.

You should check the popularity of the keyword your trying to get on tools such as google adwords before optimising for it.

4. Using free hosting blogs

Your free blogging sites such as Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, Typepad etc are great for starting out on. However there not great for getting the best SEO results. 

Instead, buy your domain and get a cheap hosting plan from somewhere like Fasthosts or Godaddy. You can get Godaddy hosting for the year for £12 that will be suitable for a small blog. You’ll get more control over your site which will translate into better results and growth for your site.

5. Writing Little Content

Lots of sites don’t write enough content. However this is a personal thing really, 400 words of quality content may be better than 1,000 words that isn’t all that great. This is a balancing act that you have to decide. I’d make sure most of your posts have more than 400 words though. 

6. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

Websites that copy the same stuff and repeat it over and over again are doing whats called Keyword Stuffing. This used to work but now its just big red flags to google. Back in the day you could put white text on a white background so your viewers couldn’t see it but google could. Another trick was to move the text 9000 pixels to the left so your viewers wouldn’t see it but google could still detect it. Google eventually picked up on these tactics and they now will give your site a negative effect if your caught doing it.