Some people believe SEO is an urban legend. Heres some SEO Myths

SEO is a scam

Have you heard this one? SEO is something every site should look at. Its certainly not a scam but if you believe this then you'll need to do a little bit more research into the mechanics behind SEO. 

Top rankings for £50 a month

If you invest in Seo and put the time into it, you will see a return. 

Plenty of business owners have been approached by people claiming to provide SEO services and get you top rankings in google for £50 a month. This is pretty much always a scam. 

These services will do more harm to your site than good. There isn’t a quick and easy win in the SEO game and if someone tries to sell you a service like this then stay well clear of them. 

Google will figure it out

No they won’t. Some people think they can throw there URLs at google’ed crawlers and somehow think that they will suddenly get top rankings. 

Google is smart but its not magical. 

Google is built to copy and evaluate human behaviour. No human wants to sort through a million URLS but if you use Human generated signals then google will crawl and rank the results. 

Every page has to be unique, valuable and have technical clues for google to find. Its like leaving clues that google can read which help them sort the good sites from the billions of bad sites on the web.

We did SEO once

Well done, give yourself a pat on the back. 

You need to keep giving SEO your time and effort or it just won’t work. Maintaining your SEO efforts is essential because if not then you’re going to have Link degradation (link rot), evolving search engine algorithms, competition, outdated content etc etc. 

Smaller sites don’t need continual SEO investments but monitoring your SEO 2-3 times per year will be sufficient. 

Google hates SEO

Sometimes it feels that way but in truth, googles finds SEO a nuisance. Google states that SEO can “potentially improve your site and save time” and many SEO agencies could provide useful services.  Google have even published their own SEO Starter Guide.